Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the process of assessing environmental impacts.  It is applicable to a range of planning projects as well as a variety of development schemes that fall outside the planning system and are approved by other statutory bodies.

Planning projects for which EIA may be required are divided into two schedules relating to prescribed infrastructure projects, for example nuclear power stations, which will always require EIA, and other schemes that will only require EIA if significant environmental effects are likely to arise as a consequence of the development.

DLP Planning can advise on all aspects concerning development that may have potential to require preparation of an EIA. DLP can advise on the occasions when it may be appropriate to screen a proposed development and can prepare an appropriate Screening Request.

Whilst a Screening Request may be a means to establish that an EIA is not required, in some instances significant impacts might be identified or an applicant might be advised to submit a voluntary EIA even if no formal request is made.

DLP will then undertake the scoping of an EIA – the process of determining the matters to be included in the Assessment.

An EIA is reported in the form of an Environmental Statement (ES), the format and contents of which are prescribed by regulations.  DLP Planning has long standing experience and expertise in the preparation and management of Environmental Statements, project management of the EIA process, instructing specialist sub-consultants as necessary, coordinating the results of the baseline studies and the proposed mitigation measures, and preparing the resulting ES and its non-technical summary.

For advice on all matters relating to the screening, scoping and project management of Environmental Impact Assessments please contact one of our qualified specialists at DLP Planning Ltd

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