May 2016

Land at Midland Road, Luton – Certificate of Lawfulness in Conjunction with Compensation Claim for Compulsory Purchase Order

DLP Planning Ltd have obtained permission under Section 17 of the Land and Compensation  Act 1961 (as amended) for the use of land for residential purposes in connection with a compensation claim arising from the compulsory purchase of land at Midland Road, Luton as part of an internal highway improvement scheme in Luton.

Under the terms of an earlier application made under Section 17 of the Act, Luton Council, as the planning authority, issued a certificate confirming only employment use of the land as the appropriate alternative use.  On behalf of the landowners, DLP appealed the decision under Section 18 of the Act, which, as a consequence of changes in legislation and administration, was recovered by the Upper Tribunal (the Lands Tribunal) and a hearing ordered under that Reference.

During the process of preparing for the Upper Tribunal appearance, further discussions were held with the Council, who subsequently invited a new application for the residential and mixed residential use of the land, and this subsequently was granted in favour of residential use.

Discussion are now underway to agree the compensation package payable to the landowners in accordance with the Certificate.

John HelyarLand at Midland Road, Luton – Certificate of Lawfulness in Conjunction with Compensation Claim for Compulsory Purchase Order
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New Plant Showroom and Storage Facility, Land off The Blackcat Roundabout, Wyboston

Following on from the sale of their existing site for development purposes, Gleneden Plant have instructed DLP to prepare a planning application to support the relocation of their business to land adjoining a consented lorry park, located off the Blackcat roundabout, adjacent to the A1 in Bedfordshire.

DLP together with Matrix Transport & Infrastructure Consultants are involved in discussions with Highways England and the planning authority, Bedford Borough Council to facilitate the transfer of the business and provide implementation of the consent for the lorry park.

John HelyarNew Plant Showroom and Storage Facility, Land off The Blackcat Roundabout, Wyboston
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Residential Development Site – Former Plant Yard, Roxton Road, Great Barford

DLP Planning Ltd, together with be1 Architects and Matrix Transport & Infrastructure Consultants Ltd have been instructed by James Gill Developments to prepare and submit a planning application for the redevelopment of the former  Gleneden Plant Yard on land to the east of the village of Great Barford, Bedfordshire.

DLP had, in 2014, obtained a resolution to grant consent for the residential development of the site for circa 80 units, subject to legal agreement.  The owners of the site then sold the land to James Gill Developments Ltd who have instructed DLP to prepare an alternative form of development and seek planning permission for this.

The new scheme, which is being discussed with the LPA, Bedford Borough Council and other technical consultees, will comprise a mix of housing types, including a range of larger detached dwellings, self-build units and low cost housing.

John HelyarResidential Development Site – Former Plant Yard, Roxton Road, Great Barford
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SPRU to attend Winchester Local Plan Part 2 Examination

The Strategic Planning Research Unit (SPRU) of DLP has been instructed to appear at the Examination in Public of the Winchester Local Plan Part 2 on behalf of clients, to argue for additional allocations to support early delivery of housing and to meet significant affordable housing needs in the district.

John HelyarSPRU to attend Winchester Local Plan Part 2 Examination
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SPRU instructed to undertake Green Belt Assessment in Pendle Borough

The Strategic Planning Research Unit (SPRU) of DLP has been instructed by Pendle Borough Council to undertake an assessment of the Pendle Green Belt. The assessment will identify and appraise land parcels in terms of the contribution they make to the purposes of including land within the Green Belt as set out by the National Planning Policy Framework. The assessment forms part of wider ongoing work being undertaken by the Council on their emerging Local Plan.

This instruction builds on SPRU’s existing experience working with local planning authorities and other clients in the preparation or assessment of a variety of evidence base documents which inform the development of emerging local plans.

John HelyarSPRU instructed to undertake Green Belt Assessment in Pendle Borough
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Full Planning Permission secured on behalf of Miller Homes for 150 dwellings in Sheffield

DLP Planning Ltd has successfully secured permission at planning committee for a major housing scheme at Mosborough in south Sheffield. This Council-owned site had been derelict for over 10 years and issues including significant level changes, drainage and creation of a new access into the site had to be addressed as part of the planning application.

DLP led extensive pre-application discussions with the planning authority to ensure that the submitted application provided connectivity with the surrounding residential area and neighbouring recreational facilities and was also sensitively designed to address matters of highways safety.  Once the application was submitted, DLP worked closely with planning officers to secure support for the development of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom dwellings and to ensure attractive areas of open space were achieved within the site. The planning authority particularly welcomed the provision of policy compliant, on-site affordable housing provision to meet an identified local need within the area.

A number of comments were received from local residents during the applications preparation and determination and DLP worked with Miller Homes in seeking to resolve concerns raised, including through the provision of additional landscape to maintain privacy to the amenity spaces of properties surrounding the site.

This instruction represents one of a number of sites currently being promoted by DLP on behalf of Miller Homes in Sheffield. With a strong record of delivery on permissions, we look forward to working with the Miller team again in the future to support the delivery of much needed housing in the region.

John HelyarFull Planning Permission secured on behalf of Miller Homes for 150 dwellings in Sheffield
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Outline planning permission obtained for 149 dwellings in countryside policy area in Bolsover, Derbyshire

DLP Planning Ltd has successfully gained planning permission on behalf of our client Ackroyd and Abbott for up to 149 dwellings on a greenfield site in Derbyshire. The site was located outside of the settlement boundary but adjacent the built up area and in the absence of a 5 year housing land supply there was a need for sustainable locations being brought forward for development. Lengthy negotiations with the Highways Authority and Local Planning Authority were needed in respect of highways improvements needed to address existing problems with town centre junctions and the proposed impact of the Council’s own preferred strategic extension to the north east of the town. This also related to the approved redevelopment of Sherwood Lodge, the Council’s former offices in the town which was due to be redeveloped for retail uses but has not come forward in accordance with the anticipated timescales with the project now seeming to have stalled.

A number of late issues came about in with odour assessment of a chicken farm causing Environmental Protection Services concerns. A series of sites visits and investigations had to be scheduled with Officers and Odour Assessment specialists to demonstrate an appropriate environment for residential accommodation could be provided.

We were pleased to gain officer support for the scheme, with the application being approved at Planning Committee subject to S106 agreements for the provision of open space, affordable housing amongst other items.

John HelyarOutline planning permission obtained for 149 dwellings in countryside policy area in Bolsover, Derbyshire
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Outline planning permission secured at appeal for residential development at Salendine Nook, Huddersfield

DLP Planning Ltd have overturned the decision of Kirklees Council and secured outline planning permission for residential development with access approved.

A outline planning application had been submitted for 22 dwellings, associated car parking, access, landscaping and garages, however the Council raised concerns regarding the impact of the proposed development on the character of the area, safety of the living conditions of occupiers, the impact on trees, biodiversity and potential flood risk. The application was refused on this basis.

In submitting an appeal against the decision, DLP negotiated on behalf of the land owner with Kirklees Council by removing details of the layout and seeking agreement instead for the principle of the development along with the approval of the access. The appeal was therefore considered on the basis of an outline scheme with all matters except access reserved.

Subject to conditions, the Planning Inspector was satisfied that residential development of the site and the access to it as proposed was acceptable and as such allowed the appeal.

John HelyarOutline planning permission secured at appeal for residential development at Salendine Nook, Huddersfield
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Residential Site – Lidlington, Bedfordshire

Following the refusal of an application for the development of land owned by Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd adjoining the village of Lidlington, Bedfordshire, DLP Planning Ltd, who prepared and submitted the application on their behalf, have been instructed to appeal the refusal and also prepare a second, amended application.

The application proposed the development of the land which extends to some 2.46 hectares for residential purposes.  The application comprised, in addition to a master plan and site layout, ecological and landscape assessments, these arising from the characteristics of the site.  Whilst no technical objections were received to this development the Parish Council objected on the basis of their being no need for additional housing in the village and Officers of the Council took the view that its location adjoining the built form of the village was contrary to policy.

Central Bedfordshire Council cannot demonstrate a five year supply of housing land and are in the early stages of reviewing their development plan.  The Council have, over the last twelve months, accepted development on land outside of villages as a consequence of the position they find themselves in, and continue to require development sites in order to meet local housing needs.

DLP Planning Ltd are advising a number of clients with sites in Central Bedfordshire and recently made a number of substantive representations to the Council’s initial ‘Call for Sites’.  Lidlington was one of the sites advanced and is a sustainably located settlement on the edge of the Marson Vale.

DLP Planning Ltd act extensively for Millbrook proving Ground Ltd and obtained, in 2014, planning permission for a substantial extension to the existing commercial development at the site and very recently obtained approval of the Design Code to guide this development.

John HelyarResidential Site – Lidlington, Bedfordshire
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Land at Linford Lakes

DLP Planning Ltd have been instructed by Templeview Developments to promote for development land at Linford Lakes, Milton Keynes.

The Linford Lakes site, which lies to the north of Wolverton Road and extends to some 60 hectares, was over many years part of an extended area of minerals extraction which led to the creation of a series of gravel pits that more recently have been extensively used for recreation and sporting pursuits.

Working with the owners of the land and Templeview Developments, DLP, through architects be1, have prepared a schematic development proposal that is subject to detailed assessment for the purposes of environmental impact appraisal.

The Landmark Practice (ecologists and landscape architects) have been appointed by DLP to undertake a series of ecological and landscape assessments to comply with the screening direction issued by Milton Keynes Council requiring environmental assessment on ecological grounds.

Matrix Transport and Infrastructure Consultants have undertaken both highways and drainage assessment and have designed both a sustainable means of access and SuDS system to serve the development, and have undertaken discussions with the Highways Authority and the Environment Agency on these matters.

The development area will be formed of two separate parcels of land, the residential development area comprising 12.5 hectares and providing for up to 250 dwellings, the balance of the land being provided to the Milton Keynes Parks Trust for the purposes of an extension to the existing River Valley Park.

Milton Keynes Council declined to allocate the site for development purposes in the recently published draft Site Allocations Plan, and this has been the subject of further submissions by DLP.  A planning application is now being prepared in light of the current land supply situation, which the Council accepts is in deficit, and given the location of this site immediately adjoining the urban area between two recently constructed areas of residential development, and with the benefits it proposes by way of land to extend the existing River Valley Country Park and completion of a local riverside walk, it is believed that the development proposal is a sustainable development and will provide substantial benefits.


John HelyarLand at Linford Lakes
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