September 2016

44th Joint Planning Law Conference

Members of DLP Planning Ltd and SPRU will be attending the 44th Joint Planning Law Conference this weekend at New College Oxford. We look forward to seeing this year’s speakers and catching up with members from the Law Society, the Bar Council, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and of course the Royal Town Planning Institute.

John Helyar44th Joint Planning Law Conference
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HS2 Uncertainties

As news reports this week have identified, there remain significant concerns about the delivery of HS2, particularly the planned HS2 station in South Yorkshire which has been moved from a Meadowhall location in Sheffield to a new route with a spur line serving a station in Sheffield City Centre. This has been be highlighted as an example of the significant uncertainty surrounding this major transport infrastructure investment. In July, HS2 Ltd recommended to the Department for Transport that the planned HS2 station in South Yorkshire should be moved from Meadowhall to the existing Sheffield Midland city centre station as part of a cost cutting exercise to save some £700m. The revised option would see the HS2 service from Sheffield be provided off a spur from the main new north-south high speed line. This option could also facilitate a stop in Chesterfield.

Following that report, the Government’s Public Accounts Committee has highlighted uncertainty in respect of HS2’s integration with the transport system, particularly with the proposed rail investment in the North of England. The report prepared identified that phase two of HS2, connecting the West Midlands to Crewe and Manchester to Leeds, must be firmed up urgently while singling out the uncertainty surrounding the scheme’s presence in South Yorkshire. Given the route of the new line and infrastructure will have a significant impact on existing residents and businesses, the varying position is likely to undermine the strategic vision of the government in delivering HS2. Land which was previously likely to be sterilised by the route to the Meadowhall Station is now potentially free from the anticipated compulsory purchase orders associated with such infrastructure development. This will have an impact on landowners as well as potentially impacting the preparation of Local Plans where transport infrastructure and opportunities to develop hub stations and associated amenities need to be taken into account.

The Chair of the Accounts Committee stated the lack of clarity over the plans was demonstrative of what is at stake for communities and local economies, and why the government must explain its intentions in respect of when the line will open, where it will go and what it will cost in a transparent manner. The announcement that HS2 Ltd’s chief executive Simon Kirby has stood down to join Rolls-Royce has, it was added, contributed to further adds to the uncertainty.

John HelyarHS2 Uncertainties
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Submission of City Centre Regeneration Proposals

DLP Planning Ltd have submitted a full planning application for a mixed use, student accommodation development on a city centre site in Sheffield.

The application proposes the erection of a mixed-use development incorporating student accommodation and ancillary facilities, plus a flexible use at ground floor level highways which are intended to become key routes through to the New Retail Quarter being brought forward. The site has previously been cleared, and is currently fenced off from neighbouring roads. It is a prominent City Centre site, and there is a clear desire on behalf of both developer and the Local Authority to redevelop the site and a positive outcome before the end of 2016 is sought with delivery completed for autumn 2018.

Considerable pre-application discussions were undertaken with officers which helped inform the evolution of the design approach as set out in the submitted plans, as well as establish appropriate scale, height and massing with the surrounding built form which has a range of uses including manufacturing, office, research, residential and other operations.

The development will provide more than 170 residential apartments with ancillary facilities as well as flexible use commercial units to create activity at street level.

John HelyarSubmission of City Centre Regeneration Proposals
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Instructions to make representations for Hull CIL

DLP Planning Ltd have been instructed to represent a major developer in responding to the Hull Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) draft charging schedule. This follows the appearance and submissions on behalf of interested parties to the Examination of the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough CIL schedule.

John HelyarInstructions to make representations for Hull CIL
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Conditional approval granted for Cultural Industries Quarter Redevelopment

DLP Planning Ltd has secured full planning permission under delegated powers for a mixed use redevelopment of land and buildings at Sidney Street in the Cultural Industries Quarter of Sheffield City Centre including the former Albert Works, Speedwell Works and other properties.

The permission was effectively an amended scheme which was in the process of being developed, but amendments would allow the retention of more of the existing historic buildings on the site. Changes were also made to ensure that the office space suited the specific end user and their requirements as a cutting edge digital marketing company.

The proposals involved partial demolition and renovation of existing buildings and the erection of new buildings, to provide a mixed use development incorporating office space which will allow local business to relocate to a sustainable city centre location. Other commercial opportunities include small shops (with sales areas less than 280sqm) as well as restaurants, cafes, bars / pubs and potential takeaways. A mix of residential accommodation is provided across the site with more than 80 apartments proposed.

This revised mixed use scheme will secure the conversion of existing buildings which contribute to the character and appearance of the conservation area. Historic England were consulted and also supported the changes, which incorporate the retention of more of the existing buildings that contribute to the significance of the conservation area.

It was concluded that the principle of the development of this site for mixed use purposes had been accepted, and that the revised scheme was an improvement on the approved development, particularly in respect of the retention of additional historic built form. The design and layout of the scheme would secure a high quality development which would contribute to, and enhance, the character and appearance of the conservation area.

John HelyarConditional approval granted for Cultural Industries Quarter Redevelopment
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SPRU to attend Luton Local Plan Examination in Public

SPRU will be appearing at the Luton Local Plan Examination hearing sessions, speaking on various matters including the Council’s Sustainability Appraisal, overall strategy and approach to growth, Objectively Assessed Housing Needs, the capacity of Luton to accommodate development to meet growth aspirations and their strategic transport proposals.

John HelyarSPRU to attend Luton Local Plan Examination in Public
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Reserved Matters Approval for 210 dwellings at RAF Brampton, Huntingdon

DLP Planning Ltd (DLP) has secured reserved matters approval, on behalf of Metropolitan Housing Trust and Brampton Park Ltd, for a residential development of 210 dwellings on land at the former RAF Brampton, Huntingdonshire.

DLP had previously secured the ‘site wide’ outline permission on behalf of Brampton Park Ltd and continued the positive working relationship with Huntingdonshire Council with the submission of the first Reserved Matters application. This involved working closely with various officers in respect to urban design, heritage, landscape, drainage and highways matters, acting swiftly to shape the application to meet the high standards established within the site wide design code.

The development comprises a mix of house types, including a range of larger detached dwellings and provides the full complement of affordable housing for the wider site. The planning authority particularly welcomed the on-site provision of high quality tenure blind affordable housing, meeting an identified local need.

Due to the limited extent of planning conditions imposed, DLP Planning anticipates work commencing on the site as early as autumn 2016.


John HelyarReserved Matters Approval for 210 dwellings at RAF Brampton, Huntingdon
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3 new dwellings, Bents Farm, Penny Lane, Sheffield

DLP Planning Ltd have had an application approved  for the demolition of a series of poor quality agricultural barns, located to the rear of an existing farm house and the erection of three new dwellings.

The site is located to the north of Sheffield in the Green Belt on the edge of the Peak District National Park. Extensive pre-application advice was undertaken with Sheffield City Council. This resulted in a suitable design and palette of materials that were reflective of the traditional buildings in the vicinity of the site being submitted as part of the application.

The critical issue was to demonstrate ‘very special circumstances’ as new residential dwellings in the Green Belt are by definition inappropriate.  DLP successfully demonstrated the very special circumstances to the Council by arguing that the demolition of 3 large agricultural barns to be replaced by 3 new dwellings would reduce the overall built volume in the Green Belt and so improve the openness of the Green Belt. The proposed new dwellings would also condense the built form around the existing farmhouse and be of a sympathetic scale and massing.  In addition a sensitive courtyard landscaping scheme was provided so that the new development would integrate into the surrounding countryside.

Through this pro-active, collaborative approach, the application was approved through delegated powers.

John Helyar3 new dwellings, Bents Farm, Penny Lane, Sheffield
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Planning Consent for 57 homes secured in Edlesborough

DLP Planning Ltd was instructed by local builder/developer,  McCann Homes,  to advise upon and lead the preparation of a planning application for the development of a greenfield site at the village of Edlesborough,  Aylesbury Vale, Bucks.

A number of planning policy and landscape constraints affected the development potential of the site, which although contained on three sides by development was seen by the LPA, Aylesbury Vale Council as a key area of open land adjoining the village, with views across to the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

In addition, the site lay with an Area of Attractive Landscape (AAL), as identified in the Aylesbury Vale District Council Local Plan, with planning policy seeking protection from inappropriate development. The site was further constrained by its proximity to a Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM) complex and was also near to the local primary school which has limited parking capacity and concerns over highway impacts.

DLP, working with masterplanners, be1 Architects, The Landmark Practice in respect of landscape and Matrix Transportation and Infrastructure with regard to highways and drainage, entered into pre-application discussions with AVDC and also engaged with the Parish Council over their approach to additional development in the village in light of both a shortfall in housing land supply and concerns over impacts on local service capacity.

Out of the discussions, including a local exhibition of proposals,  a scheme for 58 dwellings was evolved, this incorporating a large, central open space area through the centre of the site retaining views out across the AAL towards the AONB to be maintained, as well as providing an appropriate setting for the SAM complex.

The layout proposed dwellings fronting on to the open space, to both taking advantage of the setting and to provide a rural context and ambience. The development was to be accessed from the High Street and a new ‘parking layby was incorporated on the High Street frontage to assist with short term parking provision.

A full application was submitted to AVDC in July 2015, allowing all elements of design, including scale, materials and boundary treatments, and also the treatment of the open space, to be considered.

Following negotiations with AVDC over detailed design points, which marginally reduced the development scale to 57 dwellings, the application was recommended for planning permission to be granted. The Strategic Development Management Committee agreed the recommendation on the 9th of March 2016, and resolved that planning permission was granted subject to entry into a Section 106 obligation.

Negotiations are ongoing with Aylesbury Vale District Council to reach a satisfactory agreement, after which development can proceed.



John HelyarPlanning Consent for 57 homes secured in Edlesborough
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