November 2016


DLP Planning Ltd have successfully secured planning permission to allow a local village supermarket to receive deliveries on Bank Holidays between the hours of 8.00am to 2.00pm.

Securing permission for deliveries on a Bank Holiday was important to our client to enable them to operate efficiently and to compete effectively with other competitors in the area. DLP was able to successfully demonstrate that the proposed Bank Holiday deliveries would not have any detrimental impact on the residential amenity of nearby residential occupiers and would support the continued viability of the store.

This granting of this permission has enabled our client to improve the quality and range of products that they are able to offer to customers on Bank Holidays, which enables them to be more competitive. The proposal also brought the permitted deliveries in line with the store trading hours, enabling them to operate more efficiently as a business.

The permission is great news for our client’s business and also the local community that they serve.


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Full planning permission secured for new dwelling in Spaldwick, Cambridgeshire

DLP Planning Ltd has secured planning permission for a new dwelling in the village of Spaldwick, Cambridgeshire after successfully overturning an officer recommendation for refusal at the Huntingdonshire District Council planning committee.

The clients approached DLP Planning Ltd following refusal of their original application by the planning committee citing three reasons for refusal – the perceived open countryside location, heritage impacts and flood risk. Working closely with both the clients and be1 Architects, a revised scheme was prepared to address and overcome these refusal reasons to provide a scheme for a comfortable and well-designed two-bedroom dwelling to allow for the clients to downsize in retirement whilst remaining within the village.

The site is located at the core of the historic village in close proximity to a number of listed buildings, including a Grade II* listed public house, and within the village’s Conservation Area. The proposed dwelling has been designed in a barn conversion style to provide an appropriate and sensitive response to its setting and to complement and respect the Conservation Area.

DLP represented the client at planning committee and successfully convinced members that the proposal had addressed all of their previous concerns and would result in a sensitive and complementary form of development within the village Conservation Area.



John HelyarFull planning permission secured for new dwelling in Spaldwick, Cambridgeshire
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Planning Success at Hollis Croft, Sheffield

DLP Planning Ltd have successfully secured planning permission for a mixed use development incorporating student accommodation, totalling 972 bed spaces, commercial units and Hub Space on a city centre site within Sheffield.

The close proximity of the site to the International College and city centre University campuses was demonstrative of a sustainable location for this sort of accommodation. The development proposals were subject to Environmental Impact Screening, but it was determined by the Local Planning Authority that this was not required. Permission to demolish the buildings on site has already been granted under the prior notification process.

Pre-application engagement with the Council and subsequent negotiations with the Council were key to securing this largescale development which includes a 16/18 storey tower on the edge of city centre gateway location and lower rise built form adjacent assets of heritage value close to a Conservation Area. HLM Architects reviewed the design proposals to improve detailing, materials and views of the tower, making sure this will be a positive addition to the area. Opportunities to feature reclaimed items from the former industrial premises to be re-used as part of the public art strategy were also identified as having benefits to link the development in a positive way to past use of the area.

The development includes a Hub Space which can be opened up to the wider student population to provide space for group activities and events, group study zones, small group study spaces, film presentation lounge and music rooms.  Social space will also be provided for the sole use of residents to include common rooms, and a gym.  The availability of commercial units to provide small commercial shops can also provide convenience shopping offers to the wider area. The commercial space and hub space would be expected to deliver employment as would the construction phase. The addition of public links through the site will benefit pedestrian permeability through the local Quarter and towards the city centre.

A public exhibition was arranged by Counter Context in Croft House community centre where the proposals were displayed for comment. It was clear that most concerns were to do with the impact during construction. With that in mind a Construction Management Plan was agreed as being required as as a pre-commencement condition in order to allow ease of understanding of the requirements of construction on the site.

In summary, the proposals as approved would bring forward a high quality development in a highly sustainable location, well suited to the changing nature of this part of the city centre.


John HelyarPlanning Success at Hollis Croft, Sheffield
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Planning Success at former Newbold School, Chesterfield

DLP Planning Ltd have secured full planning permission subject to conditions and the signing of a S106 agreement for the residential redevelopment of the former Newbold School site in Chesterfield.

The development will comprise of 55 new dwellings, with house types ranging from 2 to 5 bedrooms in size. 11 affordable homes were included on-site within the scheme which equates to a 20% contribution, and the floorspace of the social housing will be deducted from future CIL calculations for the site.

The site was allocated for housing under saved policies in the Chesterfield Local Plan and continued to be included as a site capable of delivering housing in the Local Authority prepared housing land supply documents. The capacity anticipated in the allocation was 60 units, however a reduced density was required in order to deliver an appropriate layout within the parameters of the site. The layout and design was informed by detailed survey work and site investigations by Miller Homes in advance of purchasing the site from the Council. It was also developed in accordance with the Planning Brief prepared by the Council in May 2015 for the site as well as pre-application discussions in November 2015.

DLP undertook a public consultation exercise as part of the community involvement process. Letters were sent to the 172 addresses nearest to the site. Only 4 responses were received with support given but some concerns were raised in respect of highways matters, which were addressed in the Transport Assessment which accompanied the planning application. Subsequently 2 letters of support were received by the Local Planning Authority as part of the statutory neighbour consultation process and a single letter raising concerns with the access still.

By early assessment of archaeological work commissioned by Miller Homes it was possible to remove those items as pre-commencement conditions due to the findings of trial trenching on the site. Negotiations on the ecological value also had to be undertaken due to differing opinions on the potential for reptiles on site although an agreed mitigation strategy has now been established for the purposes of the recommendation to grant planning permission.

Ongoing discussion through the application process were still required in order to ensure mature trees around the perimeter of the site would be retained taking account of drainage connections and development requirements. Changes to house types to introduce bungalows to ensure key views associated with the Grade II* Listed Eyre Chapel were also carried out to the satisfaction of heritage asset value assessors.

With the additional benefits of housing delivery, affordable housing provision, on site open space and improved access through a re-worked junction to the site the development was considered a good use of the site and the Planning Committee wished the developer good luck with delivery of the redevelopment.


John HelyarPlanning Success at former Newbold School, Chesterfield
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Conditions successfully discharged for residential development in Hull

In August 2016 DLP Plannning Ltd secured full planning permission on behalf of our client, a major housebuilder, for a residential development at Southcoates Lane, Hull. The scheme comprises 162 dwellings, public open space and a new internal road layout at the former Grief site.

DLP were subsequently instructed to submit a condition discharge application to approve details required by a number of pre-commencement conditions attached to the decision notice. DLP liaised with the multi-disciplinary consultant team to obtain the necessary supporting information, co-ordinated the application submission and secured a successful discharge of conditions within one month of the application submission, enabling our client to progress with the development without delay.

John HelyarConditions successfully discharged for residential development in Hull
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Rotherham Sites and Policies Plan Examination- Stage 2 Hearings Update

The Rotherham Sites and Policies Plan Examination (Stage 2) has been ongoing for the past several weeks. Members of DLP  Planning Ltd and SPRU presented evidence to the examination detailing the delivery of sites and the process and methodology to determine a flexible and realistic supply that ensures housing needs are met across Rotherham.

DLP will continue to attend the hearing sessions over the next few weeks on behalf of a number of clients to support the allocation of their land for development through discussions with the Inspector and Council, including new housing sites at Wickersley and Maltby.

John HelyarRotherham Sites and Policies Plan Examination- Stage 2 Hearings Update
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Economic Impact Assessment for a Redevelopment Scheme in Central Reading

SPRU have undertaken an assessment of the economic benefits of a redevelopment scheme in Central Reading in support of a forthcoming planning application.

Using the treasury green book approach, the assessment concluded that there would be substantial benefits from both the construction and operational phase of the development including over 2,000 net created and safeguarded jobs (direct, indirect and induced) in the following 10 year period.

John HelyarEconomic Impact Assessment for a Redevelopment Scheme in Central Reading
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Objectively Assessed Need for Housing in North and East Hertfordshire

SPRU have been instructed to undertake a Full Objectively Assessed Housing Need Assessment for North and East Hertfordshire on behalf of clients to support representations to these two emerging Local Plans. The assessment will consider the levels of unmet need across the two authorities.

A recent High Court decision has clarified that emerging plans should be supported by an up to date objectively assessed housing need. As such the submission of this work to support these representations will be important for ensuring that the Local Plans are supported by an adequate evidence base and are soundly prepared and consistent with national planning policy.

John HelyarObjectively Assessed Need for Housing in North and East Hertfordshire
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Welwyn and Hatfield Draft Local Plan Proposed Submission Document Consultation

Welwyn and Hatfield Borough Council consulted on their Draft Local Plan Proposed Submission Document from 30th August 2016 to 24th October 2016.

On behalf of a client, SPRU submitted representations to the consultation stage supported by an assessment which found the planned level of housing was not supported by the most up-to-date evidence and that the Full Objectively Assessed Housing Need was higher than that planned for in the submitted plan. SPRU also submitted a report which found that the Council could not demonstrate a five year land supply and a housing trajectory that failed to consider evidence regarding the rates of delivery on the larger sites which had resulted in an overly optimistic rate of delivery.

John HelyarWelwyn and Hatfield Draft Local Plan Proposed Submission Document Consultation
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Sustainability Appraisal Review in Harrogate Borough

SPRU has been instructed to undertake a review of the Harrogate Draft Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal. This review will be important for the wider Harrogate area as it will consider whether the effects of the emerging Local Plan will allow decisions to be made that accord with sustainable development.

Sustainability Appraisals form a key part of the evidence base and it is vital that they are soundly prepared and justified, in order to provide an adequate evidence base to support a local plan.

John HelyarSustainability Appraisal Review in Harrogate Borough
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