3 new dwellings, Bents Farm, Penny Lane, Sheffield

DLP Planning Ltd have had an application approved  for the demolition of a series of poor quality agricultural barns, located to the rear of an existing farm house and the erection of three new dwellings.

The site is located to the north of Sheffield in the Green Belt on the edge of the Peak District National Park. Extensive pre-application advice was undertaken with Sheffield City Council. This resulted in a suitable design and palette of materials that were reflective of the traditional buildings in the vicinity of the site being submitted as part of the application.

The critical issue was to demonstrate ‘very special circumstances’ as new residential dwellings in the Green Belt are by definition inappropriate.  DLP successfully demonstrated the very special circumstances to the Council by arguing that the demolition of 3 large agricultural barns to be replaced by 3 new dwellings would reduce the overall built volume in the Green Belt and so improve the openness of the Green Belt. The proposed new dwellings would also condense the built form around the existing farmhouse and be of a sympathetic scale and massing.  In addition a sensitive courtyard landscaping scheme was provided so that the new development would integrate into the surrounding countryside.

Through this pro-active, collaborative approach, the application was approved through delegated powers.

John Helyar3 new dwellings, Bents Farm, Penny Lane, Sheffield

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