Appeal Success in Harrogate

DLP (Planning) Ltd are pleased to have secured planning permission on appeal for construction of a earth bund and drainage lagoon in the Harrogate countryside.

Whilst the initial intention for the lagoon was to mitigate surface water run off from the extension of commercial premises, there was also an opportunity to use excavated material from the extension to create a landscape bund. During the course of the application, negotiations with the Council amended the landscaping treatment, reducing the bund to half its original height. Although this satisfied the Planning Officer, the Landscape Officer maintained an objection.

Despite the proposals being recommended for approval to members of Planning Committee, the recommendation was not followed and Committee refused the application. DLP submitted an appeal which included an assessment of the benefits the proposal brought about including:

  • Avoiding the need for 400 lorry loads of excavated material to be transported off site,
  • Reducing flood risk and controlling surface water run-off rates,
  • Providing extensive woodland planting and
  • Creating ecologically valuable habitat.

These benefits were supported by the Planning Inspector who upheld the appeal and has allowed the development to proceed. This decision saved considerable expense to the Appellant, which means that the commercial extension to his premises can commence resulting in further employment generation.

Image Courtesy of Weddles

dlpAppeal Success in Harrogate