Application Approved for 7 new dwellings in Mosborough, Sheffield

DLP (Planning) Ltd have secured outline planning permission for the erection of 7no. dwelling houses on land to the east of School Street, Mosborough.  The application follows previous permissions on the site and occupies land which was formerly associated with Vine Grove Farm.  The indicative layout provides 7no. properties including 4 no. semi-detached and 3 no. detached properties.   The layout reflects the organic character of neighbouring development and ensures that the majority of the trees and woodland area can be retained.

The planning application addressed level changes across the site and demonstrates that the site has capacity to accommodate seven dwellings whilst protecting its woodland and ecology features.  A proactive approach was adopted with the Local Planning Authority in order to present a proposal which demonstrates that a sensitive development can be achieved on the site which is reflective of local character, protects the privacy and amenity of neighbouring uses, preserves the woodland and ecology features of the site and accommodates the site topography.

The site is located centrally in Mosborough Village and benefits from an attractive landscaped setting whilst being close to local amenities.  The approved scheme will ensure the site is brought forwards for much needed housing to serve the local community.  The proposals were approved at committee by Sheffield City Council in April 2017.


John HelyarApplication Approved for 7 new dwellings in Mosborough, Sheffield