Application submitted for new residential development at Land south-west of Millbrook Proving Ground

Working on behalf of longstanding client Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd, DLP Planning Ltd has submitted an outline planning application to Central Bedfordshire Council for new residential development on the south-western fringe of the wider Millbrook Proving Ground site in the village of Lidlington. The proposal follows an outline permission secured by DLP in 2015, for the development of four individual sites (25000 sqm)  on the land, collectively known as ‘Millbrook Technology Park’.

The submitted application proposes the erection of up to 40 dwellings (including affordable housing) as well as the enhancement of land for habitat creation, landscaping and amenity use.

This site, which is well located relative to the existing structure form and character of the village,  will materially contribute to meeting housing needs and the maintenance of a 5 year supply of land, whilst delivering an attractive and liveable residential area within the village.

Sensitive design input from BE1 Architects and The Landmark Practice (landscape) helps to ensure the proposals respect the existing landscape and environmental context and the scheme provides for the maintenance and enhancement of current views and vistas into and out of the site.

The proposal, additionally, seeks to safeguard an existing Scout Hut site for future community purposes and enhance existing habitat corridors, maintaining a connected network of terrestrial habitat for Great Crested Newts and other notable species that were found to exist on site, following detailed survey work undertaken by Applied Ecology.

A decision is expected on the application later in the spring.

John HelyarApplication submitted for new residential development at Land south-west of Millbrook Proving Ground

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