Approval for additional change of use of the former Depot, Caxton, in South Cambridgeshire

DLP Planning Ltd have successfully secured delegated approval for a further change of use of the former Depot, Caxton, in South Cambridgeshire.

Previous successful applications had secured a change of use from a Sui Generis Go-Kart Track and Motor Sales site to a Storage (Use Class B8), Timber Reclaim and Joinery (Use Class B1c) including a Trade Counter (Use Class A1).  In addition the provision of a new vehicular access, along with associated car parking and landscaping was also approved.

The application was made on behalf of SDC, who has since occupied the site to utilise it as a building storage yard and joinery, to support their construction projects within the region, with the trade counter subsidising this use through the construction/DIY related sales.

The current application sought a change of use of part of the main building to allow a local start up business “Giggle & Wiggle”, for a D2 leisure use for a soft play centre. Our client had struggled to find suitable premises for their start up business, due to the bespoke requirements of the use, such as large internal space within a commutable distance or the nearby local villages.

Following a negative pre-application response from the Council regarding concerns over the proposed location of the new business, DLP prepared a detailed Planning Statement, setting out the planning balance of the re-use of this previously developed site and the benefits of increased employment for the local area. This was supported by a business plan, undertaken in conjunction with the client, demonstrating their failed attempts to find a more central village site to meet the needs of the business.

The nature of the description of the planning application  meant that should the business fail or relocate in the future, then the use of the site would revert back to Class B8 (Storage and Distribution) thus allowing continued employment use.

Matrix Transport and Infrastructure Consultants Limited supported the application with a detailed Transport Statement and negotiated with the Local Highway Authority satisfying them that intensification of vehicle movements was within the capacity of the newly approved junction onto the highway.

dlpApproval for additional change of use of the former Depot, Caxton, in South Cambridgeshire

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