Emma Gillies

Sheffield Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation

DLP has made representations on behalf of various clients to the first stage of the preparation of the Local Plan which is due to cover the period to 2038.

Submissions were made in accordance with the consultation deadline of the 13th October 2020 and DLP made clear that a growth agenda was required to support the economic objectives of the City and to reflect its role within the city region.

One of the projects DLP are engaged upon, the Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation District (AMID) and the University of Sheffield Innovation District (USID) will deliver high skilled employment as sought by the Local and Strategic Economic Plans for the city region. DLP argued that the release of land around the former Sheffield Airport, from the Green Belt, and other sustainable locations, is needed to continue to encourage this investment.

DLP also argued that accommodation and housing to meet the distinct needs of families, an ageing population and students must also be planned for. There is a shortfall in the availability of appropriate housing, particularly family and elderly accommodation, whilst purpose-built student accommodation has underpinned much of the city centre regeneration development in recent years.

Ensuring that strategic housing policies meet the growth agenda, which DLP suggest is 2,300 dwellings per annum, based on the growth objectives, will require the release of land from the Green Belt. This however will assist in meeting the accommodation needs of different age profiles and types and will help to create a fairer and healthier city.

Emma GilliesSheffield Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation
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Former Methodist Chapel Conversion Approved

DLP has assisted Cornerstone Property Investments to obtain full planning permission for the change of use of the former Methodist Church in Bristol for six 1-bed flats.

The former chapel, a locally valued heritage building, had been vacant for two years and was falling into disrepair. DLP worked with GSH Architects and Armour Heritage to present full evidence of how the historic elements of the building would be retained and enhanced.

Key elements were negotiated with the LPA including new doors in the least publicly visible elevations and windows to increase natural daylight for each of the new flats, creating a sympathetic conversion.

The application was considered by Members because of its departure from highways standards, and a Transport Assessment by SDD made the case that the building could, alternatively, be converted to alternative traffic/parking-heavy uses such as a children’s nursery, under permitted development rights. The proposed residential conversion was seen to be more sustainable in this respect

DLP presented arguments at Committee on the need to bring the building back into use, adding to the local mix of housing in a sustainable location. The Members agreed, voting to approve. The building will now be fully refurbished and converted, bringing this attractive building back into use.

Emma GilliesFormer Methodist Chapel Conversion Approved
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