Consent for 4 dwellings outside the settlement boundary at Maulden, Central Bedfordshire

DLP Planning Ltd and BE1 Architects have secured full planning consent for 4 detached dwellings at the village of Maulden in Central Bedfordshire.

Although an edge of settlement location, falling outside the defined settlement boundary and therefore deemed to be ‘open countryside’ under local planning policy, the application was brought forward by the client in response to the failure of Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) to maintain an up-date Local Plan and 5 year housing land supply. Accordingly, the ‘Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development’ in the National Planning Policy Framework took precedence.

DLP was able to demonstrate successfully to the Council, firstly through pre-application discussions with officers and subsequently in the application itself, that the development proposed, in terms of its location, scale and design, was in keeping with its surroundings and would constitute a logical infill that would result in the continuation of existing ‘ribbon development’ along Silsoe Road.

Having reduced the height of the dwellings slightly in response to initial feedback from Council officers,  DLP were able to satisfy all statutory consultees and the application was permitted by the case officer, without the need to be debated by the Development Management Committee.

This denotes a real success story, demonstrating that appropriately designed development on the edge of settlements can be accepted, particularly where the authority is unable to demonstrate a five year supply of housing land.

BE1584-3_Land at Silsoe Road, Maulden_PL02_PROPOSED SITE PLAN_ReBE1584-3_Land at Silsoe Road, Maulden_PL04_Proposed Street Eleva

John HelyarConsent for 4 dwellings outside the settlement boundary at Maulden, Central Bedfordshire

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