Development Promotion

Development Promotion

DLP is widely experienced in advising on the promotion of land and buildings, in providing tactical advice on how best to proceed and has a long established track record for the acuity of its advice and a wide range of development clients who regularly look to the practice for advice on how best to proceed with their proposals.  DLP can also act as a ‘critical friend’, providing a formal overview of the work of others by way of an audit or through its role as a project manager in relation to development projects.

Local Plan Preparation and Examination

DLP can advise on all aspects of development plan promotion including the review of current policies and the evidence base, timetabling, the preparation of submissions to support the allocation of land and the preparation of robust comments or objections at the formal stages of plan preparation, including preparing for, and attending, any Examination in Public.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments

The SHLAA process requires the submission of data in relation to specific sites in accordance with published timetables. DLP can prepare detailed and effective submissions when local planning authorities issue a Call for Sites and, through its Strategic Planning Research Unit (SPRU) has wide ranging expertise in the formulation of appropriate technical submissions to demonstrate the availability and suitability of sites for housing development.

Viability Assessment

DLP is able to advise on appropriate assumptions relating to development values and cost inputs to ensure that viability appraisals are robust and informed by up to date case law. This approach can help avoid undue delays as a result of viability negotiations and supports the determination of planning applications in a timely manner whilst seeking to maximise rates of return.

Development Briefs and Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)

DLP has extensive experience in preparing development briefs both on behalf of developers and for local planning authorities, either for formal adoption or for submission to accompany planning applications. Where SPDs are prepared DLP can advise on their detail and potential impacts and can help influence their preparation to best suit our clients’ objectives by setting out cogent and effective responses.

Neighbourhood Planning

DLP has extensive experience in the promotion of development in areas subject to neighbourhood plans, to the management of the neighbourhood plan making process including the potential tensions that can arise, and to addressing and managing the promotion of development where neighbourhood plans are proposed or are already in place.

Development Orders

In all instances DLP can advise on the planning implications of Local and Neighbourhood Development Orders, how they may affect development proposals or how they can deliver the advantages that are intended for them.

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