DLP Breakfast Seminar – Housing Delivery: Local and National

DLP (Planning) Ltd  hosted a breakfast seminar at Rugby School on 16th June 2017 titled Housing Delivery: Local and National. The seminar was chaired by Charles Robinson, Director in charge of DLP’s Rugby Office with presentations given by Sinead Turnbull of DLP and Rob Back – Head of Growth and Investment at Rugby Borough Council.

The first presentation of the morning was given by Sinead Turnbull of DLP who discussed the complex issues of ‘Housing an ageing population’ – specifically how the planning system can address the requirements of an ageing population. Planning barriers to achieving elderly housing were identified, with a new housing model and suggested future changes at Local Authority level proposed in order to create a ‘win-win’ solution – meeting elderly needs whilst being economically sound particularly in the context of the increasing pressures on public finances and Adult Social Care budgets.

This was followed by an update and an overview of the emerging Rugby Local Plan, given by the Head of Growth and Investment at the Council, Rob Back. With the emerging Local Plan being taken to Council at a meeting on the evening of 21st June the presentation highlighted the key friction points which Councillors will be considering, as well as stating the housing and growth projections for the Plan period.

The presentations were followed by a lively discussion where the factors influencing housing delivery were debated. Overall it was concluded that, in practice, the planning system has to focus upon delivery even more so than it does at the moment and that the needs of all elements of the community (particularly the elderly) require a radical and different approach.

dlpDLP Breakfast Seminar – Housing Delivery: Local and National