Doncaster Local Plan

The Council has published their proposed main modifications to the Doncaster Local Plan. The Inspector will be issuing a note shortly regarding whether other main modifications or changes to the policies map are required to ensure that the Plan is sound. The Inspector will then ask the Council to carry out a public consultation on the proposed modifications.

The key points to be aware of at this stage from the Council’s proposed main modifications are:

  • All of the proposed main modifications and changes to the policies map have been subject to sustainability appraisal, and the report on this will be published soon
  • The general extent of the Green Belt will remain the same
  • A policy amendment is proposed to reference the revised minimum of 15,640 net new homes in the remainder of the plan period 2015 – 2035
  • No additional housing allocations are proposed
  • The currently proposed housing allocations remain

A number of amendments are proposed to policies regarding Doncaster Sheffield Airport.  In this respect, Doncaster Council is currently working with the Airport, Sheffield City Region, the Department for Transport, Network Rail, and Transport for the North. This is to further plans for a new railway station at the Airport which connects to both the East Coast Main Line and the Lincoln Line. Emerging evidence shows that this is a preferred alternative to the Lincoln Line station, but the scheme is yet to secure funding at the point of Plan adoption.

John HelyarDoncaster Local Plan