Evidence submitted at the Telford and Wrekin Local Plan Examination

SPRU have given two days of evidence at the Examination of Telford and Wrekin Local Plan regarding the soundness of the proposed housing requirement. SPRU argued that the approach used to balance job growth with housing provision was unsound as it relied on a change in the nature of migrants compared to that in the official projections. It also relied on many more people working than presently do in the population, especially those aged over 60.

It was further argued that the Objectively Assessed Housing Need (OAHN) was most unlikely to be half of the average build-out rate of new homes in the last five years, and that the requirement of paragraph 49 of the National Planning Policy Framework, that there should be a significant increase in the supply of housing, cannot be met by reducing the supply of housing from a five year average of 900 per annum to 750 per annum. The evidence on affordable housing was also questioned and the Council are now preparing a further note to the Examination on this matter.

John HelyarEvidence submitted at the Telford and Wrekin Local Plan Examination