Land at Linford Lakes

DLP Planning Ltd have been instructed by Templeview Developments to promote for development land at Linford Lakes, Milton Keynes.

The Linford Lakes site, which lies to the north of Wolverton Road and extends to some 60 hectares, was over many years part of an extended area of minerals extraction which led to the creation of a series of gravel pits that more recently have been extensively used for recreation and sporting pursuits.

Working with the owners of the land and Templeview Developments, DLP, through architects be1, have prepared a schematic development proposal that is subject to detailed assessment for the purposes of environmental impact appraisal.

The Landmark Practice (ecologists and landscape architects) have been appointed by DLP to undertake a series of ecological and landscape assessments to comply with the screening direction issued by Milton Keynes Council requiring environmental assessment on ecological grounds.

Matrix Transport and Infrastructure Consultants have undertaken both highways and drainage assessment and have designed both a sustainable means of access and SuDS system to serve the development, and have undertaken discussions with the Highways Authority and the Environment Agency on these matters.

The development area will be formed of two separate parcels of land, the residential development area comprising 12.5 hectares and providing for up to 250 dwellings, the balance of the land being provided to the Milton Keynes Parks Trust for the purposes of an extension to the existing River Valley Park.

Milton Keynes Council declined to allocate the site for development purposes in the recently published draft Site Allocations Plan, and this has been the subject of further submissions by DLP.  A planning application is now being prepared in light of the current land supply situation, which the Council accepts is in deficit, and given the location of this site immediately adjoining the urban area between two recently constructed areas of residential development, and with the benefits it proposes by way of land to extend the existing River Valley Country Park and completion of a local riverside walk, it is believed that the development proposal is a sustainable development and will provide substantial benefits.


John HelyarLand at Linford Lakes

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