Land at Woodcote, Aspley Guise

DLP Planning Ltd have secured planning permission for the erection of two large detached dwellings in the village of Aspley Guise, Central Bedfordshire, on land washed over by greenbelt designation.

An initial application was rejected by Central Bedfordshire Council as being in conflict with greenbelt policy. DLP Planning Ltd however, argued on the basis of the ruling made by the Court of Appeal in the case of Wood v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government [2015] EWCA Civ 195, that decisions on development in greenbelt villages should be made by reference to ‘the position on the ground’ rather than by boundaries imposed under now out of date planning policy guidance. The LPA however, argued that the policy, which restricted infill development to areas within a designated line, remained valid but subsequently accepted the arguments put forward by DLP on the basis of the effect of the Appeal Court ruling.

The proposal advanced, which comprises two large detached dwellings designed by be1 Architects Ltd, will be built on an area of unused garden land and will be set within an enclosed landscape setting.


John HelyarLand at Woodcote, Aspley Guise

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