Land at Linford Lakes – Further Test of Housing Land Supply in Milton Keynes

Following the refusal of a planning application submitted on behalf of clients, Templeview Developments Ltd, for the development of the land known as ‘Linford Lakes’, Milton Keynes, for residential development, an appeal is to be heard in December against the refusal of Milton Keynes Council (MKC) to grant planning permission for some 250 dwellings (including affordable housing) and the provision of land for an extension to the River Valley Park.

MKC has been criticised for its approach to the supply of housing land, given that it enjoys one of the highest rates of economic growth in the Country and has consistently increased employment levels of leading to high in migration.

MKC also rely upon the Liverpool method of calculation for claiming a very marginal surplus over the 5 year supply figure (5.03 years), and under the normal methodology for calculating land supply (Sedgefield), is significantly below this level. Notwithstanding this however, the site itself broadly accords with planning policy in that it is located at the edge of the existing boundary and is accepted to be both highly sustainable and without impact on ecology, landscape or flooding.

In addition to the development of much needed housing, the proposal also provides for the provision of 60 hectares of land for an extension to the existing River Valley Park, together with funding to provide for habitat creation and safeguarding works and an ‘endowment’ for long term future maintenance.

The land, which is to be conveyed initially to Milton Keynes Council, will be passed to Milton Keynes Parks Trust who will manage and maintain the land for nature conservation and ecology purposes.

dlpLand at Linford Lakes – Further Test of Housing Land Supply in Milton Keynes