Local Plan – Call for Sites

DLP has recently been actively promoting sites in the Call for Sites consultations in Bedford, Cambridgeshire, Cherwell, North West Leicestershire and Sheffield (see below) through the months of August and September.

The Call for Sites process is one of the first steps in identifying land for development by local planning authorities and informs the preparation of development plans, in particular site allocations. As part of this process LPA’s are obliged to assess all sites submitted to them and this then forms the background evidence base.

The recent emergence of the draft Planning White Paper highlights the ever-growing importance of the Call for Sites process and how vital it will become in ensuring that suitable sites are identified and brought forward for development early in the preparation of a new Local Plan.

DLP assists clients who have land that they wish to promote for development. Additionally, DLP will monitor the progress of sites, and advise on the subsequent stages of the Plan making process.

John HelyarLocal Plan – Call for Sites