Minor Material Amendment secured in Hadley Wood, Enfield


DLP Planning Ltd is pleased to have secured full planning permission for a Minor Material Amendment to our client’s property in Hadley Wood, Enfield.  Planning permission was granted for various extensions and other works to our client’s property by the London Borough of Enfield in 2013, but for a number of reasons the works that took place were materially different to the approved plans, resulting in the built development being larger than the consented scheme.  DLP Planning prepared a detailed Design Statement which set out why the development, even though it was materially larger than that what was approved, was acceptable in design, neighbouring amenity and planning policy terms.  Whilst the Council did have some reservations regarding the revised scheme, they accepted our arguments in favour of it, conceding that it would “be difficult to resist the development” and that “in particular you [DLP] have demonstrated that there would not be an unacceptable impact on the amenities of the immediately neighbouring properties.”

Securing the Minor Material Amendment permission under Section 73 of the Town and County Planning Act 1990 ensures that the development as constructed is now lawful and immune from any possible enforcement action by the Council in relation to what has been built.

John HelyarMinor Material Amendment secured in Hadley Wood, Enfield

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