Mixed Use Landmark Building

DLP and BE1 have worked in partnership to prepare and submit an application to Luton Borough Council for a mixed-use scheme comprising a community centre and residential units. The site is a former car park that was previously associated with the neighbouring office building which has since been converted to residential under permitted development.

The community centre is intended as a landmark building and reflects the civic nature of the intended use. It includes flexible and adaptable interior spaces to suit the needs of the local community whilst there are also a number of office spaces that could be utilised for hourly or daily use. The residential units are a mix of 1, 2 and 3-bed dwellings to meet the requirements of Luton Borough Council’s housing needs. Space is at a premium in the area and as such the proposal utilises the entire roof area as a terrace for both the users of the community centre and the residential properties. An under-croft parking area is proposed to ensure suitable parking provision can be provided. There is also easy access for less ambulant users via street level lifts.

John HelyarMixed Use Landmark Building