Mount Pleasant

DLP have just secured outline planning permission, on Appeal, for two dwellings situated in the Green Belt on land off Mount Pleasant, Aspley Guise. This is one of a series of developments for which DLP have gained planning permission in the Green Belt through successfully arguing the case of Limited Infill.

The site has a previous planning history for residential development, which includes refusals and a dismissed Appeal.  A reduced scheme was prepared and a new application, carefully justified, was submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council. The Council refused the scheme on the grounds of inappropriate development in the Green Belt and impact on the character of the Countryside.

However, having reviewed our Statement of Case and subsequent Rebuttal Statement, the Inspector agreed with our case – that the site and proposed scheme did constitute as ‘Limited Infilling’ in the Green Belt. This meant that ‘Very Special Circumstances’ did not need to be achieved and the impact on the openness of the Green Belt was not a material consideration. The visual amenity of the proposals has also been considered as relating to openness due to the development being classified as Limited Infill.

In relation to the assessment of the site being Limited Infill, the Inspector concluded the following:

“The site is a vacant plot that forms a substantial gap between existing dwellings along this part of Mount Pleasant. While I note the size of the gap in the otherwise built-up frontage and that the site is not entirely enclosed by residential development on all sides, given the number of dwellings proposed and the size of the site, I see no reason why the two dwellings could not constitute small-scale development and complement the surrounding pattern of development.”

John HelyarMount Pleasant