Outline planning application submitted for 11 dwellings at Goff’s Oak, Hertfordshire

DLP has submitted an outline planning application to Broxbourne Borough Council for 11 dwellings in the Green Belt in Goff’s Oak, Hertfordshire.  The Site, much like the surrounding area, has been previously developed and has historically been given over to commercial horticultural uses.

The local planning policy relevant to development in the Green Belt is not consistent with the Framework and is not up to date.  As the Local Plan was adopted prior to the National Planning Policy Framework (‘the Framework) it can be considered out of date and given less weight in decision making. In such cases, the Framework, which supports limited development in the Green Belt to support housing delivery, is the principal consideration when deciding applications.

The principle of the proposed development is supported by the recent decision upheld by the Court of Appeal (Wood v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government [2015] EWCA Civ 195) which identified that “limited infilling” is a standalone development exception, and that the consideration for decision makers should be whether, as a matter of fact on the ground, a site appears to be in a village rather than being determined by the inclusion or otherwise of a site within a defined infilling boundary.

The proposed scheme has been carefully designed as a logical form of infill development that would be contained by the existing established boundaries of the site and would not result in the outward expansion of the settlement.  The development, which will bring much needed housing to an area where demand is currently outstripping supply, is now awaiting determination by the Local Planning Authority and a decision is expected in October.

John HelyarOutline planning application submitted for 11 dwellings at Goff’s Oak, Hertfordshire

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