Outline Planning Permission for 8 apartments, St George, Bristol

DLP Planning Ltd (DLP) have secured outline planning permission for the erection of eight new apartments in St George, Bristol. Working with Wotton Donoghue Architects, on behalf of Sampson Developments Limited, the proposal will see the demolition of a derelict community hall and the erection of a high quality three storey residential development.

The key concerns during the planning process revolved around proving that there was no longer a need for the existing community building and ensuring that there would be no overlooking or loss of light due to the proximity of neighbouring buildings. DLP submitted sufficient evidence to demonstrate when the community use of the site had ceased and that there had been no interest in its re-use by community groups.

The application was decided by the Council under delegated powers earlier this week. DLP have been retained by the applicant to submit the subsequent reserved matters application and to discharge the conditions.

Image credited to Wotton Donoghue Architects

dlpOutline Planning Permission for 8 apartments, St George, Bristol