Permission granted for 5 dwellings outside settlement envelope in absence of 5YHLS

DLP (Planning) Ltd and BE1 Architects have secured full planning permission for 5 new dwellings on the edge of the village of  Maulden, in Central Bedfordshire.

Although the Application Site falls outside of the defined settlement boundary and is therefore defined as ‘open countryside’ under local planning policy, the decision was approved by the case officer, without the need to be debated by the Development Management Committee.

Due to the Councils failure to maintain an up-to date Local Plan and five year supply of housing land, the application was determined in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework ‘Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development’, to which it was concluded that the development would provide much needed housing in a sustainable location, without causing significant or detrimental harm to the local character or appearance.

Firstly through pre-application discussions, and subsequently through the full application, DLP were able to successfully demonstrate that the development proposed would form a logical extension to the village extending the neighbouring area of ribbon development, and would be in-keeping with its surroundings in terms of scale and design.

This success demonstrates that appropriately designed development can be accepted on the edge of settlements, particularly where the authority is unable to demonstrate a five year supply of housing land.

dlpPermission granted for 5 dwellings outside settlement envelope in absence of 5YHLS