Permission Secured For 40 Houses Outside Settlement Envelope despite claims of 5YHLS

DLP Planning Ltd, has secured a resolution to grant outline planning permission for up to 40 new dwellings and Green Infrastructure enhancements in Lidlington, Central Bedfordshire. Masterplanning and Flooding/Drainage work was undertaken by other DLP Group companies be1 Architects and Matrix, respectively.

The Application Site lies outside of the established settlement envelope of Lidlington but within the identified ‘Key Employment Area’ of Millbrook Proving Ground. An application for residential development was previously refused on the site on Landscape Character grounds, with the site located on the lower reach of the Greensand Ridge.

DLP, working with CBC Officers demonstrated several material changes within the re-submission application demonstrating the sites sustainable location and strong relationship with the village; the ability of the site to facilitate key green infrastructure enhancements identified by the local community; and create enhanced habitat connectivity for the protected species on site.

Despite Council claiming they can currently demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply, the committee accepted that the proposals would assist in safeguarding this supply and this together with the GI and habitat enhancements constituted substantial benefits that would not be significantly and demonstrably outweighed by the harm caused in landscape terms.

dlpPermission Secured For 40 Houses Outside Settlement Envelope despite claims of 5YHLS