Planning for Sustainable Growth in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc

On the 18th February 2021, the Government published its long awaited policy paper for developing a long-term Spatial Framework for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.

In the Budget 2020, the Government committed to developing, with local partners, the Spatial Framework for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc and to develop a plan that will:

  • Support long-run sustainable economic growth across the area
  • Help to make the area a brilliant place in which to live, work and travel
  • Support lasting improvements to the environment, green infrastructure, and biodiversity

The Government identified that the key to addressing the constraints that the Arc faces is a full realisation of the economic and environmental potential of the area. The purpose of the Spatial Framework is to unlock the potential of the Arc, focussing on levelling up growth and opportunities across the area, in particular the inequalities that exist within regions.

The Spatial Framework is proposed to be a mechanism for delivery and will include policies to support local planning authorities on strategic business zones, environmental opportunity areas, infrastructure requirements and approaches to enable sustainable, transport-led development.

Over the next two and a half years the Government will work with communities and local partners to develop the Spatial Framework with a view to implementing it as a spatially specific national planning policy.

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John HelyarPlanning for Sustainable Growth in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc