Planning for The Future – Government White Paper Announced March 2020

Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick MP, has made a Ministerial Statement on planning reform today (12/3/20) to be considered as part of a White Paper alongside the Spring Spending Review. The Statement outlines proposals for changes to the planning system and the need to improve the capacity, capability and performance of local planning authorities and to accelerate the development process to support the delivery of homes, utilise brownfield land and create greener communities.

The Statement outlines a series of reforms for consultation, including a reform of planning fees to resource planning authorities and automatic rebate of fees where planning applications are successful at appeal to promote proper consideration of applications by planning committees.

Delivering a green housing revolution is also recognised as a key contributor to the Government’s target of net zero emissions by 2050. As part of this, the Government will continue to back brownfield development, encourage greater building in urban areas and introduce new tools to support communities to ‘densify’ and make best use of underutilised brownfield land.

There are also future proposals for a Building Safety Bill, a Renters’ Reform Bill and a Social Housing White Paper. These will form the basis of a housing strategy to be published later in the year which will set out longer-term plans to deliver new housing with the intention of creating a fairer housing market.

DLP’s briefing note on the Statement can be found here

John HelyarPlanning for The Future – Government White Paper Announced March 2020