Planning Permission for 10 Dwellings on Brownfield site in Central Bedfordshire Green Belt

DLP Planning Ltd (DLP), working with Vauss Architects, has secured full planning permission on behalf of McCann Homes for 10 new homes on a previously developed site on the edge of Harlington, in the Central Bedfordshire Green Belt.

The site is currently home to an Aquatics centre which comprises of a large central retail building, arears of hard display areas, several dilapidated storage sheds and a large gravel car park

The proposal will see the replacement of the Aquatics centre with 10 modest three-bedroomed houses, each with dedicated parking and large gardens.

The application required DLP to prepare a proposal did not have a greater impact on the openness of the Green Belt not the purpose of including the site within the designation. Working with the architect, a suitable scheme was developed which saw the footprint of built development on the site fall, and the floorspace and volume of development not increase. The only potential harm to Green Belt openness was the increased height of the development, but potential impacts were assessed in a detailed Landscape Visual Impact Assessment, prepared by Aspect, which showed the scheme would not cause any harm.

The proposal also had to respond to other constraints, including noise from the adjacent railway line. This was mitigated through appropriate design measures, advised by Cass Allen.

At Development Control Committee, the application received near unanimous approval with 12 members voting in favour of the scheme, and one abstention.

John HelyarPlanning Permission for 10 Dwellings on Brownfield site in Central Bedfordshire Green Belt