Planning Permission for UPVC Double Glazed Windows in the Stewartby Conservation Area

DLP Planning Ltd has secured Planning Permission, on behalf of the Sir Malcolm Stewart Bart. General Charitable Trust, to replace the existing timber single glazed windows with slim profile UPVC double glazed windows on a number of properties across the Estate within the Stewartby Conservation Area.

The site comprises part of an open plan estate that was designed in the early 1950’s by the renowned architect Sir Albert Richardson and historically provided housing for the retired workers of the London Brick Company and their descendants. The site now also provides housing for a general population over the age of 55 years.

The Conservation Officer expressed concerns in relation to the use of UPVC and the impact it would have on the character and appearance of the Conservation Area. However, with support from the Parish Council and the local Ward Councillor, DLP were able to successfully demonstrate to the Planning Committee that the proposed slim-line heritage style window would replicate the detailing, design and proportions of the original windows and would be almost identical in appearance.

The proposal also provided a number of benefits to the residents of the Estate and which includes eliminating draughts and providing a warmer and more comfortable living environment. In addition, the proposed windows are easier for the residents to operate as they don’t swell and stick like timber windows do.

The decision has been welcomed by the Trust and whose viability was threatened by the cost of continual repairs, maintenance and up-keep of the timber windows. The residents, many of whom have very limited incomes, will benefit greatly from the improved insulation and reduction in their heating costs.

Kerry TitmusPlanning Permission for UPVC Double Glazed Windows in the Stewartby Conservation Area