Extension to Derasar

DLP Planning Limited successfully secured planning permission for the construction of a pronaos (area at the front of the temple) to the existing Derasar which is the first and also the largest Shikharbandhi Derasar in Europe – a Shikharbandhi Derasar being characterised by its dome.

The Oshwal Centre is located in the Green Belt near Potters Bar and is the headquarters of the Oshwal Association of the UK (OAUK).

The Derasar is an important place of worship for all those who practice Jainism. All visitors to the temple are required to pause at its entrance and to remove their shoes – and to retrieve them on leaving. The traditional design didn’t provide any protection from the English weather and so an extension fully enclosed by glazed screens was proposed in order to enclose the space and to provide shelter from the elements. The work has now been completed.

The Derasar, or temple, at the Oshwal Centre is the focus for all those who practice Jainism, whether part of the Oshwal community or not. It is of national and international importance as a place of worship.

It is also central to one of the main objectives of the OAUK, which is the advancement of Jainism

The Derasar, whose traditional design originates from India, does not fully account for the English climate. As such, the extension protects visitors when they are preparing to enter the building. The Council recognised the religious importance of the site and also the role that the Derasar plays in the life of the Oshwal community.

John HelyarExtension to Derasar