Grunwergs 2, Rockingham Street, Sheffield

The redevelopment comprises of a multi-storey mixed-use development with flexible commercial uses at ground floor level. The accommodation comprises 73 studio apartments and 88 cluster apartments (providing 618 bed spaces) for student accommodation and private residential accommodation comprising 39 x 1 bedroom apartments and 32 x 2 bedroom apartments, with associated facilities and landscaping.

The development includes demolition of several existing buildings and retention of the façade of an older building on Bailey Lane. This relates to the surviving J & Riley Carr building which includes a sculpture of “Stanch” the dog, a copyright of the company. During the pre-application stage it was identified that, although not listed, this is locally significant and provides a tangible connection to the area’s context and heritage.

Given the large scale of the proposals, variations in height, massing and materials were used to break down the overall visible structure to provide variation and visual interest.

The development is currently under construction, and it has funded the relocation of the business to a more suitable location where expansion can take place. The development follows the Watkin Jones Group’s Bailey Fields development on the opposite side of Rockingham Street.

John HelyarGrunwergs 2, Rockingham Street, Sheffield