Listed Building in the Green Belt | Aubrey Park Hotel, St Albans


This project comprised the preparation of full detailed and Listed Building planning applications and Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM) consent for the redevelopment and extension of an existing hotel to provide additional facilities, accommodation and leisure space to enable the hotel to provide enhanced services for weddings and corporate events.

The planning application comprised the demolition and replacement of a number of outlying and outdated structures with bespoke modern kitchens and function rooms. The site provided a number of significant planning constraints, including its location within the Green Belt, a 16th century Listed Building and the remains of an Iron Age hill fort.

Extensive pre-application discussions were held with St Albans City and District Council and Historic England, with the scheme being judged to improve the setting of the Listed Building and the SAM, in addition to providing significant economic benefits. Notwithstanding this, the Case Officer recommended refusal on the grounds that the development represented inappropriate development in the Green Belt. Nevertheless, Council members rejected the Officer’s advice and unanimously resolved to approve the applications, agreeing that that there would be no harm to the openness of the Green Belt.

dlpListed Building in the Green Belt | Aubrey Park Hotel, St Albans