Student village | Endcliffe


This scheme sought to create a wide range of accommodation types and supporting facilities in a central community area and allowed for improved management of the student population and an enhancement to the existing available facilities through the provision of a central hub building.

DLP Planning Ltd oversaw an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Planning Statement in support of a full detailed planning application. The scheme aimed to replace a number of student houses owned by the University in the area as well as other halls of residence in more remote locations away from the University.

The proposal comprised the development of some 3,700 new bed spaces while retaining 1,300 within existing accommodation, creating a 5,000 bed Student Village. The site falls within the Broomhill and adjacent Endcliffe Conservation Areas.

The northern part of the site also fell within an Area of Special Character including two Listed Buildings at Crewe Hall and its associated stable block. However, it was demonstrated that neither of the buildings were directly affected by the proposed development.

The area had been associated with student residences for the University of Sheffield for a considerable period of time, and the proposals were a significant improvement in the appearance of the existing built form. The replacement buildings varied between two and six storeys in height, and included serpentine blocks which made use of sloping land, to avoid excessive height.

John HelyarStudent village | Endcliffe