Town fringe expansion | Allington Lane, Eastleigh



The project entails the promotion of a substantial strategic site on the northern fringe of Eastleigh, Hampshire, to the north of Southampton.

The 150ha site was submitted as part of Eastleigh Borough Council’s consultation on potential strategic housing allocations within the emerging Local Development Plan. The site has the capacity to accommodate in excess of 2,000 new homes, a district and local centre, employment and community uses; education facilities, transport infrastructure, and green space, including new green infrastructure.

The project required the management of a number of sub-consultants providing for a concept masterplan, transport and ecology feasibility assessments, an indicative land use budget, an opportunities and constraints plan and a Transport Strategy document to explain how development of the land would integrate with the existing public transport network. A supporting planning statement fully explaining the development rationale and the benefits that development on the site could deliver was also provided.

dlpTown fringe expansion | Allington Lane, Eastleigh