Public Sector Services

DLP Planning is one of the UK’s largest independent planning consultancies and has been providing expert planning advice to a range of private, public and community clients from our offices across England for over 25 years.

 Our dedicated Public Sector Planning Team provides support to public sector clients for plan making, policy, and development advice. The Team brings together senior staff from across the company who have specialist experience in plan making, policy preparation and supporting evidence-based studies.

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Local Plan Services

DLP are exceptionally experienced in plan preparation, policy writing and evidence base production, and can demonstrate a detailed understanding of what is required to support the adoption of a sound Plan.

Planning Evidence Services

DLP can undertake a variety of planning evidence studies on behalf of Local Planning Authorities utilising our analytical expertise. DLP has a strong track record of producing robust evidence with a clear rationale to guide the decision-making process.

Development Management Services

DLP has experience of acting on behalf of Local Planning Authorities in the determination of applications, and acting as expert witness at informal hearings and public inquiries. DLP also specialise in working with public sector clients to secure permission for sites they own.

Local Plans & Supplementary Planning Documents:

  • Whole Plan Production: complete project management, policy development and consultation
  • Project Management: navigating the various policy and legal requirements to ensure key deadlines are met and necessary processes are undertaken
  • Vision, strategy and policy advice: setting out what the Plan should achieve and confirm the policy can achieve this
  • Critical Friend Reviews and appraisals of policy: identifying potential issues and offering advice before documents are put out for public consultation
  • Duty to co-operate and strategic planning: identifying strategic issues, working with neighbouring authorities and assisting to achieve positive outcomes
  • Appearing at Local Plan examination hearings: utilising our experience of appearing in excess of 30 Local Plan examinations, advising and preparing responses to Inspector’s questions issues
  • Member and officer training sessions: covering introductions to the planning system, to workshops on specific matters
  • Neighbourhood Planning: working with a wide range of community groups, Town and Parish Councils on a diverse range of issues

Planning Policy Evidence Studies and Advice:

  • Green Belt Reviews: Strategic Assessments, Reviews and Site Assessments
  • Housing Needs Assessments
  • Specialist Housing Need Assessments: elderly, local affordable housing
  • Economic Needs Assessment and Economic Impact Assessments
  • Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessments and Urban Capacity Studies
  • Sustainability Appraisal
  • Site selection methodology for all development types
  • Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Identification Assessments
  • Infrastructure Delivery and Viability support

Development Management Support:

  • Acting on behalf of the Council in the determination of applications
  • Acting on behalf of the Council in the management of appeals, including expert witness for public enquiry appeals
  • 5 year housing land supply assessments to defend speculative appeals
  • Site identification and appraisals
  • Planning applications

For more details on our services view our Public Sector Brochure


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