Public Sector Services

DLP in conjunction with SPRU offers a dedicated service to its public sector clients which can draw in its expertise in development promotion, asset management, viability assessment and its established track record in key aspects of evidence-based reporting including economic, housing, retail  and leisure assessment as well as specialist areas such as gypsy and traveller policy.

Housing Strategy

We take a rigorous analytical approach to the preparation of an Objectively Assessed Need for housing.  Robust calculation of need, and how any shortfall in supply can be addressed is likely to be the determinant in preparing development plan policies and can also be critical in an appeals faced by the Local Planning Authority. The Public Sector Team has extensive experience in advising local planning authorities in all aspects affecting housing policy and delivery strategies.

Green Belt Reviews

The Public Sector Team has experience undertaking green belt reviews as part of the preparation of evidence to support plan making or in the application of a sequential assessment of development proposals. This may be in the form of a critical review of established policies and boundaries or advice on specific aspects and locations in relation to potential development schemes. In all cases DLP has a robust understanding of what is required by way of the strong supporting evidence on what is a politically sensitive issue.

Viability Assessment

Our Public Sector Team is able to advise on appropriate assumptions relating to development values and cost inputs to ensure that viability appraisals supporting development proposals are adequate and reliable as the basis for negotiating Planning Obligations. A robust approach can help local planning authorities secure development plan compliance as well as helping to ensure that applications can be determined in a timely manner.

Affordable Housing Need Assessments

The assessment of affordable housing requirements is key to understanding the viability of many developments and is a material planning consideration.  The Public Sector Team has extensive experience of preparing robust evidence in relation to the assessment of policy compliant approaches to affordable housing and the impact on the viability of development.

Economic Assessment Modelling

Our Public Sector Team can deliver a comprehensive analysis of economic impacts and benefits of any given strategy or development and present this as comprehensive statement capable of rigorous examination.  As such it can be a robust tool to support future strategies and help with the analysis of key development proposals.

Employment Land Review

We can undertake the assessment of existing employment supply and the translation of economic growth into demand for land and floorspace, taking into consideration local circumstances, market opinion and the potential for a variety of spatial and provision types.  The Public Sector Team can provide a robust investigation of supply and clear recommendation on the continued use of existing stock and the locational requirements of new provision.

Planning Evidence Studies

Our Public Sector Team can undertake a variety of planning evidence studies from Employment Land Review and Infrastructure Delivery Studies, to Strategic Housing Land Availability and Retail Impact Assessments.  It has a strong track record of producing robust evidence with a clear rationale to guide the decision making process.

Development Management for Public Assets.

Our Public Sector Team specialises in working with public sector clients to identify land and realise the value of surplus assets including land and buildings by securing permission for deliverable development schemes.

Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Assessments

We are pleased to act for a number of local planning authorities helping them to produce robust evidence on all matters relating to Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople issues as our Public Sector Team have an understanding of the plan making process and the specific requirements of planning for these individual communities.

Retail Issues and Strategies

The Public Sector Team has wide ranging expertise in preparing retail strategies and retail impact assessments. We welcome enquiries from Government bodies and Local Authorities in respect of the assessment of need for or in response to schemes for retail development or mixed use proposals with specific retail content.

Leisure Impact Assessments

The Public Sector Team has a wide range of expertise in the leisure sector and welcomes enquiries from Government bodies and Local Authorities in respect of all matters to do with open and built recreation and leisure facilities.

Town Centre Health Checks

Town Centre Health Checks can be undertaken on behalf of Local Planning Authorities in order to inform the preparation of Local Plans, drawing on available historic data, shopper and operator surveys as part of the preparation of a comprehensive evidence base or in response to emerging development schemes.

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