Representations submitted to North East Derbyshire Local Plan consultation stage

DLP (Planning) Ltd have submitted representations to the recent consultation period on the draft North East Derbyshire Local Plan which closed on 7th April 2017.  The Local Plan consultation was accompanied by a range of background documents, including a Sustainability Appraisal and Green Belt Review, which form the evidence base and have informed the preparation of the Consultation Draft.  This details a figure of 6,600 houses to be delivered from 2011 to 2033.  A review of existing Green Belt boundaries is proposed in the emerging Plan to enable sustainable locations to be released for housing.

Representations were made on behalf of several landowners with sites being considered for Green Belt Release and new housing allocations.  These submissions were made alongside a report prepared by the Strategic Planning and Research Unit (SPRU) on Objectively Assessed Housing Need which concluded that the proposed housing requirement was below the minimum level needed to be able to support either the current level of jobs or employment growth.

John HelyarRepresentations submitted to North East Derbyshire Local Plan consultation stage