SPRU attend Luton and Winchester Local Plan Examinations

SPRU appeared at Luton Local Plan Examination to argue that the duty to co-operate had not been fulfilled and that, while the Inspector has found the legal duty has been complied with, there now remains considerable questions as to the effectiveness of the Plan in terms of delivering the housing identified as being needed by the Council.

SPRU appeared at Winchester Local Plan Part 2 to argue that the inclusion of residential gardens in windfall estimates was incorrect and that the reliance of sites not within the plan to make up the housing supply was not conducive to a plan led system. It was further argued that expected completion rates on major sites in excess of anything experienced either locally or nationally without any supporting evidence was unsound and as such further allocations were required to ensure the plan was effective in delivering the Local Plan Part 1 Housing Requirement.

SPRU have been appointed to appear at the forthcoming Telford and Wrekin Local Plan Examination.

John HelyarSPRU attend Luton and Winchester Local Plan Examinations

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