Planning approved for 39 dwellings in Mansfield

DLP Planning Ltd (DLP) is pleased to have secured outline planning permission for up to 39 dwellings in Mansfield.

The application was submitted following a refusal of planning permission, some 6 months earlier for a similar development. In this instance, despite a positive recommendation from Planning Officers, Members of the Council’s Planning Committee resolved to refuse the application citing three reasons for refusal, centred on the loss of greenfield land, the impact on the Green Wedge in which the site was located and the potential impact on ecology.

In resubmitting the application, DLP work proactively and constructively with Officers at Mansfield District Council as well as with third party consultants to address and overcome all three reasons for refusal.

The resubmission demonstrated that the development could deliver both market and affordable housing in a sustainable location on the edge of Mansfield without any significant detrimental impact on matters such as highway safety, flood risk and residential amenity. The resubmission specifically demonstrated that there would be limited harm to the Green Wedge and surrounding landscape through good design and the provision of a green buffer. The resubmission also demonstrated that the proposal would not detrimentally impact upon habitats and ecology, but would in fact result in a net gain in biodiversity.

Overall the application demonstrated that the development comprised sustainable development in accordance with the overarching aims of the National Planning Policy Framework.

Officers at the Council once again recommended the application for approval. DLP represented the applicant at Planning Committee addressing Members who resolved to conditionally grant planning permission.

Image courtesy of Vista Architecture Limited

dlpPlanning approved for 39 dwellings in Mansfield